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🎺 Explore the Art of Trumpet Design: Leadpipes, Bells, and More 🌟
At Benchmark Trumpets, every instrument is a testament to the art of design and craftsmanship. We pour our passion and expertise into every component, ensuring that each trumpet is a work of art that empowers musicians to reach new heights. Let's take a closer look at the key elements that make our trumpets exceptional:
🎼 Leadpipes: The heart of any trumpet, our leadpipes are crafted with precision and care. We use a variety of materials, including yellow brass, red brass, copper, and nickel silver, to produce leadpipes for each model. With four distinct tapers for Bb, two for C, one for Eb/D, and one for piccolo trumpet, the possibilities for your playing style are limitless. These leadpipes, combined with different alloys, offer a wide array of playing options, allowing you to find the perfect match for your musical journey.
🎵 Bells: Our Bb models come with three distinct bell shapes, each designed to offer a unique tonal experience:
    1.    The number one taper features a modified Bessel horn shape, providing flexibility for various mouthpieces and playing styles. It can deliver a dark, mellow tone or bright, vibrant notes depending on your preferences.
    2.    The number two bell boasts a simple Bessel horn shape, a classic choice known for its solid intonation and response in various settings.
    3.    The number three bell, with a larger throat, offers a darker tonal option while maintaining tonal centers and expected intonational response.
The bell taper for the Eb/D trumpet is carefully matched to the bore size and leadpipe taper, ensuring even results on both sides of the instrument. We understand the challenges posed by combination trumpets, and we've taken the time to balance these issues with the bell and leadpipe used on this trumpet.
Our Fusion Bb bell is massive, producing a hybrid blend of flugelhorn and cornet sounds. While currently available with a standard Bb bend, we are exploring the option of adding a shepherd's crook to further enhance your playing experience.
For piccolo trumpets, we offer three bell shapes, each catering to different tonal preferences, from standard to warmer sounds with maintained intonation and a Bessel horn shape for even playability across the instrument's range.
🔧 Valve Body and Pistons: The valve body is made from durable 260 alloy brass, known for its application durability and machining difficulty. Balusters are crafted from 330 alloy, and our pistons are made from resilient Monel, ensuring reliable and responsive valve action.
🔨 Tooling: Whenever possible, we produce our own tooling, including leadpipe mandrels, dies, bell mandrels, knuckle and bow molds, bending fixtures, and drilling fixtures, right here in our workshop. This hands-on approach guarantees that every aspect of our instruments is under our direct control, resulting in superior craftsmanship and quality.
At Benchmark Trumpets, we invite you to explore the world of finely crafted instruments that are designed to elevate your musical journey. Our dedication to craftsmanship and innovation is what sets our trumpets apart. Come experience the Benchmark difference and make your music extraordinary. 🎺🎶🌟

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