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Benchmark P1 Bb

Benchmark P1 Bb

Serial number 136 is a 52nd Street Bb that is a medium large bore with our 529 bell flair. The 529 is similar to a Bach 37. The bell is yellow brass with a 4.875” flair. It is currently in raw condition and has a brushed finish but plating is an option if requested. Email or message questions for options and purchase information. I do ship worldwide via UPS (This is a shop sample Bb and is currently on sale)


🎺 The 52nd Street Bb Trumpet: A Tribute to Jazz's Iconic Legacy 🎶

Step into the world of jazz with our 52nd Street Bb Trumpet, a remarkable instrument designed to pay homage to an era when music thrived and innovation reigned. Here's what makes this trumpet a standout choice for the modern musician:

🎷 Designed for the Commercial Market: The 52nd Street Bb Trumpet is tailored to meet the demands of the commercial music scene. Built on our standard valve block and featuring a reverse leadpipe, it is meticulously engineered to be incredibly responsive at every volume level.

🎯 Expressive Brilliance: This trumpet offers solid pitch centers and outstanding flexibility, allowing musicians to express their musical ideas with the full range of their skills. It responds effortlessly to your every nuance, making it a versatile and expressive companion.

🎵 Customizable Bell Tapers: The 52nd Street model offers the choice of three distinct bell tapers (529 small, 549 medium, 569 large) crafted from various materials, including yellow brass, red brass, and copper. Tailor your sound to your liking, and explore the tonal possibilities.

🌠 Versatility in Bore Sizes: With options for three bore sizes (.448 Medium bore, .458" Medium Large bore, .462" Large bore), you can select the bore size that perfectly complements your playing style, whether you prefer precision, projection, or a blend of both.

🔥 Handcrafted Excellence: The 52nd Street Bb Trumpet is the result of meticulous, in-house production. Our team of skilled artisans ensures that each instrument embodies the highest standards of craftsmanship, guaranteeing a quality that you can rely on.

🎶 A Nod to Jazz History: The 52nd Street model is a heartfelt tribute to the historic 52nd Street in New York, a hotbed of live jazz music in the 1930s and 1940s. This trumpet encapsulates the spirit of those times and allows you to infuse your music with the rich tradition of jazz.

At Benchmark Trumpets, we believe in the power of music to connect the past with the present. The 52nd Street Bb Trumpet serves as a bridge between eras, offering a modern interpretation of classic jazz sounds.

Immerse yourself in the legacy of jazz with the 52nd Street Bb Trumpet. Contact us today to explore customization options, pricing, and how you can make this extraordinary instrument a part of your musical journey. Your music deserves an instrument as vibrant and expressive as your passion for jazz. 🎷🌟



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