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Fusion Bb

Fusion Bb

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🎵 Experience the Best of Both Worlds with the Fusion Bb Trumpet/Flugelhorn Hybrid 🎶

Prepare to be captivated by the enchanting fusion of two iconic instruments – the Bb Trumpet and the Flugelhorn. At Benchmark Trumpets, we've innovated the world of brass instruments to create the Fusion Bb Trumpet/Flugelhorn Hybrid, a truly remarkable instrument that offers an unbeatable blend of soulful timbre and impeccable intonation.

🎺 Revolutionizing Intonation: Tired of the unpredictable intonation issues that often plague traditional flugelhorns? The Fusion Hybrid is here to change the game. We've carefully redesigned one of our bell shapes to provide you with a flugelhorn-like experience, all while maintaining pitch-perfect accuracy.

🌠 Retaining Flugelhorn Charm: Now, you can harness the soulful, mellifluous tones of a flugelhorn without any compromise on intonation. The Fusion Hybrid preserves the essence of this classic instrument, ensuring that your music is as emotive as it is precise.

🎶 Synergy in Design: Our Fusion Hybrid features a thoughtfully designed .448" bore size, a copper bell, a two-piece valve block, and twin shepherd's crook bends in the tuning slide and bell. Each component has been meticulously crafted to work in harmony, producing a unique timbre that's bound to captivate your audience.

🔥 Crafted with Precision: Every Fusion Hybrid is a testament to artistry and craftsmanship. Handmade to perfection, each instrument undergoes a rigorous quality control process, ensuring that you receive a reliable and high-performing piece.

🎺 Playing in Harmony with the Vistel Brothers: Notably, our Fusion Hybrid is favored by Jorge Vistel, a Cuban-born, European-based professional musician who represents our brand as a player in the renowned Vistel Brothers group. Experience the instrument that inspires professional musicians to create exceptional music.

At Benchmark Trumpets, we believe that your music deserves an instrument that brings out the best in your performances. The Fusion Bb Trumpet/Flugelhorn Hybrid is your gateway to a world of sonic possibilities and exceptional tonal expression.

Elevate your music and explore the limitless potential of this extraordinary hybrid instrument. Contact us today to discover customization options, pricing, and how you can make the Fusion Hybrid an integral part of your musical journey. Your music, like our instruments, deserves to be extraordinary. 🌟🎺🎶


    .448" medium bore valve body and inside slide tubing. Shortened Bb reverse leadpipe matched with a shepards crook tuning slide bow. The bell is among the largest throat tapers in the industry. The aim is to find a mix of a darker Bb sound and a flugel horn. The instrument is set up to accept a standard trumpet shank mouthpiece.


    All purchases are warrantied against manufacturer defects. This includes plating, solder work and material defects. Simply contact us or an approved dealer to report a warranty issue and we will take care of it. Normal wear and accidental damage is not covered under our warranty.


    When possible we will use the USPS to complete our shipping of the instruments. UPS will also be used in cases where it is needed.

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