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🎺 Elevate Your Performance with the Benchmark MC1 C Trumpet 🌟

Introducing the Benchmark C Trumpet, a masterpiece meticulously crafted to meet the demands of the discerning musician. Whether you're a professional player or a dedicated student, this instrument is designed to unlock your full potential. Here's why our Benchmark C Trumpet shines:

🔍 Quick Response and Even Intonation: At the heart of the Benchmark C Trumpet is a commitment to providing a quick response and exceptionally even intonational characteristics. Every note you play is delivered with precision and clarity, giving you full control over your musical expression.

🎵 Innovative Bell Design: The Benchmark C Trumpet takes advantage of a modified Bessel horn shape in the bell design. This innovation empowers the upper register to respond with minimal effort, ensuring that your high notes are effortlessly vibrant and clear.

🎓 Total Control: From the leadpipe design to the bell, every aspect of the Benchmark C Trumpet is fine-tuned to give you greater control over your instrument. With this level of mastery, you can confidently execute even the most challenging passages in your repertoire.

🎺 Optimized Bore Size: The .462" bore size strikes the perfect balance between projection and agility, making the Benchmark C Trumpet a versatile choice for a wide range of musical genres and playing styles.

🧩 Two-Piece Valve Block: Engineered for reliability and smooth valve action, the two-piece valve block minimizes maintenance and allows you to focus on your artistry.

👐 Handcrafted Precision: Each Benchmark C Trumpet is the result of meticulous handcrafting, showcasing our unwavering dedication to quality. You can rely on this instrument for consistent, extraordinary performance.

The Benchmark C Trumpet is more than just an instrument – it's a conduit for your creativity, designed to help you achieve your musical aspirations. Whether you're playing a solo, leading an ensemble, or experimenting with new compositions, this trumpet is your partner in musical excellence.

Experience the Benchmark C Trumpet today and explore the difference precision and craftsmanship can make in your music. Contact us to learn more about customization options, pricing, and how you can make this exceptional instrument a part of your musical journey. Your music deserves nothing less than the best. 🎶✨🌟



    .462" bore

    Monel pistons

    Brass action rods

    Brass valve guides

    Brass bell

    Choice of finger button inserts


    All purchases are warrantied against manufacturer defects. This includes plating, solder work and material defects. Simply contact us or an approved dealer to report a warranty issue and we will take care of it. Normal wear and accidental damage is not covered under our warranty.


    When possible we will use the USPS to complete our shipping of the instruments. UPS will also be used in cases where it is needed.

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